Vintage & World's Fair Bundle – Coming Soon

Vintage & World's Fair Bundle – Coming Soon

Take your coaster park to the next level with all-new content for Planet Coaster: Console Edition! Releasing February 25, the Vintage & World’s Fair Bundle combines two incredible DLC Packs featuring everything you need to build the ultimate entertainment theme park.

Offering an impressive total of four new coasters, six new rides, and over 600 appealing scenery pieces the Vintage & World’s Fair Bundle brings the thrills, style, and excitement to put you and your guests in coaster park nirvana.

First, the Vintage Pack, an inspiring tribute to the golden age of amusement. Packed with two new coasters, five new rides, and over 230 scenery pieces, the nostalgia comes thick and fast. Build grand wooden coaster the Zephyrus and take riders on a retro run they won’t soon forget, or the mighty Test Flight, in which sleek, two-seater aircraft soar around a central pillar, and many more.

For the ultimate fairground flair, you’ll find skilful trapeze artists, mysterious fortune-teller cabinets, and spirited barbershop quartets all on hand to enchant your guests. The Vintage Pack is truly a throwback to a bygone age.

Next, the World’s Fair Pack, a celebration of international culture to charm and delight. Inside you’ll find two coasters, one ride, and diverse scenery inspired by real-world theme parks and celebrating global countries, including Mexico, China, and the US. Choose from a host of new scenery items based on ten new multicultural themes and create your own World’s Fair, build everything from iconic American diners to bustling Moroccan markets, and give your guests a taste for travel.

On the attractions front, Jixxer & Interceptor provide the heart-pounding showcase, two motorcycle-based coasters facing off in high-speed chase, while flexible tracked ride Polarity lets you show off your creative prowess.

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