Crafting Your Coaster Park

Crafting Your Coaster Park

Have you been wanting to craft beautiful parks while developing your coaster park empire? Today, we're sharing some of our top tips for beginner creators so that you can unleash your imagination using the simple, yet powerful creation tools to surprise and delight your guests.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Start With The Basics!

It's tempting to start with big, flashy rides, and little of everything else, but this can quickly land you in hot water when it comes to keeping your guests happy and turning a profit! We'd recommend placing one or two rides initially, alongside some guest facilities like food and drink shops, trash cans, benches and toilets to get your coaster park going, and keeping them relatively close together to begin with, so your guests won't have to trek too far to get what they need!

Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Set The Scene

When you're creating your first build, it can be beyond tempting to just pop facilities and rides down in isolation to try and get your coaster park to begin turning a profit, but there's one often-overlooked consideration you're going to want to take into account when you're starting out: your scenery! Creating stunning displays will not only keep your guests happy and help your ride's popularity, it's also a great way to show your creativity in your builds!

Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Bury Your Head In The Sand(box)

Learning how to create beautiful builds can be an expensive process, especially if you're new to it! That's why we'd recommend testing some of your more complex visions in Sandbox Mode so you can build without worrying about sticking to a budget!

Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Get To Know Your Facility Blueprints

Whichever facility you're creating, blueprints can be a great way to incorporate a little extra theming to your facilities. These premade facades add a touch of scenery to your buildings, and are also completely reusable, so you aren't constrained to using the facility that's initially included with the blueprint. To remove an existing facility from the blueprint you're using, simply select the building's grid and delete the existing facility, and replace with one of your choice! This also works when it comes to adding scenery or props to existing blueprints, so it's a very fun way to start practicing with more advanced building techniques!

Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Coaster Tools, Coaster Tools, Coaster Tools!

Creating a great coaster may seem intimidating when you're just starting out, but Planet Coaster: Console Edition has plenty of tools to help you along! If you're a first-time coaster builder, you might find it easier to use the first person camera mode to build your coaster as your guests will experience it, and auto-completing your track once you've nailed your drops and turns can be a serious game-changer! A word of advice that'll get you far in your coaster-building career: smoothing is your friend! Select your track and hold down the 'x' button for smoothing options!

We hope you've found this closer look at how to start building in Planet Coaster: Console Edition helpful - make sure to upload your builds to the Frontier Workshop!

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