Console Edition - coming this holiday season

Console Edition - coming this holiday season

Planet Coaster: Console Edition - Brings the thrills to console players this holiday season

Following critical acclaim and commercial success on PC, Planet Coaster: Console Edition brings the ultimate coaster park simulation to console this holiday season with a simultaneous launch across Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStationÂź4 and PlayStationÂź5.

Join in the fun and excitement of designing and running your very own coaster park. Enjoy all the depth, strategy, and customisation found in the beloved PC game and create and manage the ultimate coaster park as you strive for success.

Inspiring piece-by-piece construction offers limitless creative freedom, while physics-driven realism and advanced simulation puts you close to the action. Take control, tweaking every aspect as crowds react with delight, panic, or disapproval in real-time.

Give your guests the thrill of a lifetime with a range of stomach-churning, white-knuckle rides, while themed food, gift, and merchandise shops top up both them and the balance books. Hire and train staff to exceed guests’ expectations in your quest to build a unique and exhilarating coaster empire.

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